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Every dog is special and unique. Each having there own traits and personality. They love us unconditionally and keep us happy and healthy. They listen to our problems, make us laugh and even comfort us when we are feeling blue. Having 3 dogs of our own, my family wanted to show our pups how much we love them, thus Pup Pouch was created.

So, “Our Story” is quite simple. Every thought, every good intention, every moment we can put into making a dogs tail wag happily is: “For the Love of Dogs”.

At Pup Pouch we want to give your dog their own day! A day to play, a day to chew, a day to have a treat, and a day just for them to feel special. That is why Pup Pouch was created to give each pup their own personalized custom box full of treats, toys and a special surprise pouch 1 day a month. So give your pup their day, and remember “Happiness is a Wagging Tail’.

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