Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pup Pouch?

Pup Pouch is a personalized monthly subscription box filled with 2 Toys, 2 Treats,1 Chew and a secret “Surprise Pouch” in every box. Our Pup Pouch Care Team knows that each pup is unique and personally customizes each box to your pups current size, activity level and preference.

What weight classification does my dog fall under?

Pup Pouch offers 3 sizes. All sizes are the same price. As your dog grows you can change the size of your pup at any time.

  • Small: for most pups under 24 pounds
  • Medium: for most pups 25-49 pounds
  • Large: for pups over 50 pounds

What comes in Pup Pouch

Each personalized box box will include 2 Toys, 2 Treats, 1 Chew and a secret “Surprise Pouch”. The nutritious snacks are made from tasty, high quality, premium all natural based products made in the USA. We pick top quality toys such as: Fetch Toys, Rope Toys, Interactive Toys, Plush Toys, and Tough Chew Toys. The products will rotate each month so your pup will never get bored. We pride ourselves on the quality of each product and offer our 100% Paws down, satisfaction guarantee that each pup will be completely tail wagging happy!

When will I get my first box?

Once ordered, your Pup Pouch box is immediately processed and shipped out by the next business day. Shipping times may vary, but you can expect your box to arrive between 6-11 business days. A tracking email will be sent to your email with every order.

Do I Pay for shipping?

Currently we are only offering shipping in the US. There will be an applicable shipping fee to customers in the United States.

Where can I get Pup Pouch?

Pup Pouch subscription boxes are currently only offered in the United States, We will be working hard to hopefully expand that to more of our four legged friends.

Return Policy

Pup Pouch does not accept returned items or offer full or partial refunds for our subscription service. However, we do offer our 100% Paws down satisfaction guarantee. Which means we will work with you to correct it until we get it right. Contact our care team with any questions or concerns at:

Does your products contain rawhide?

None of our products contain rawhide in any of our Pup Pouch products.

How to cancel

Log into your profile page on Pup Pouch. On the account page you will be able to cancel your subscription. Please note: if you cancel your subscription before your subscription term is complete. We will continue to send and charge you for the remaining boxes in your plan until the
term is finished. However, you will not be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription term.


All of prices are listed in USD:

  • 12 month subscription: $32/month
  • 6 month subscription: $34/month
  • 3 month subscription: $36/month
  • 1 month subscription: $39/month

How often will you charge my card?

Pup Pouch will charge your credit card once upfront when you pick your plan and sign up, and will continue to charge your card monthly until your subscription is cancelled. When your subscription term ends, each subscription renews by default to the originally selected subscription plan/term. Your renewal will take effect on the same day of the month you
purchased your first Pup Pouch Box. Example, if you purchased a 6-month plan on January 1st, 2022, you will be renewed on July 1st, 2022.

What currency am I billed in?

All prices are in US dollars

How do you change address, email, your pups preferences etc.?

All changes can be managed in your personal account area.

How do I get started?

Easy Peasy!. Just click on the “Get Started” button highlighted in green on Pup Pouch homepage.

Can Australia and Canada receive Pup Pouch?

Pup Pouch subscription boxes are currently only offered and being shipped in the United States, We will be working hard to hopefully expand that to more of our four legged friends..


Every dog is special and unique. Each having there own traits and personality. They love us unconditionally and keep us happy and healthy. They listen to our problems, make us laugh and even comfort us when we are feeling blue. Having 3 dogs of our own, my family wanted to show our pups how much we love them, thus Pup Pouch was created.

So, “Our Story” is quite simple. Every thought, every good intention, every moment we can put into making a dogs tail wag happily is: “For the Love of Dogs”.

At Pup Pouch we want to give your dog their own day! A day to play, a day to chew, a day to have a treat, and a day just for them to feel special. That is why Pup Pouch was created to give each pup their own personalized custom box full of treats, toys and a special surprise pouch 1 day a month. So give your pup their day, and remember “Happiness is a Wagging Tail’.

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